It's A Crammed, Crammed World

10. U-cef
Stick (feat. Damon Albarn)
First there was Hollywood… then Bollywood… and now… Halalwood, Morocco's first and foremost digitalizer's debut album for Crammed, a tour-de-force which puts gnawa music, dub, sinuous classic Arabic arrangements, electronic beats, MCs, big drums and crunchy rock guitars into a giant blender. Featuring Damon Albarn, Natacha Atlas, Rachid Taha, Steve Hillage/Miquette Giraudy, UK Apache, Amina Annabi, Justin Adams and Moroccan rap duo Dar Gnawa.

Produced by U-cef
Written by Moulay Youssef Adel
Published by Les Editions de la Bascule/Strictly Confidential
From the album "Halalwood"
(p) 2008 Crammed Discs

A fine selection of the relentlessly morphing output from Crammed's ever-evolving roster of artists, all neatly sequenced to create an exciting listening experience.

This is actually It's A Crammed, Crammed World 3 (the title was used for two now-deleted early compilations, in 1984 and 1987). It contains several original edits, and versions which were only previously available on promo-only singles.

Halal tracks on this CD:

STICK feat Damon Albarn

This track is an excerpt from their 2008 album, which appeared in many "best-albums-of-2008" lists.

Produced by Vincent Kenis
Written by Hubert Mputu Ebondo
Arranged by Kasai Allstars
Published by Les Editions de la Bascule/Strictly Confidential
From the album "In The 7th Moon, The Chief Turned Into
A Swimming Fish And Ate The Head Of His Enemy By Magic"
(p) 2008 Crammed Discs


Album compiled by Marc Hollander
Artwork by McCloud Zicmuse
Art direction Hanna Gorjaczkowska
Mastered by Pierre Vervloesem