Oriental Bounce DJ Set

In this DJ set U-CEF brings the hottest mixes, fixes & remixes, from east to west to the dance floor… Featuring live dj mixing, from the latest mideast hits, north Africa through Jamaica, to urban dance beats, NYC / London and beyond... This is the top blend of Arabia/UK/USA dance music charts.

U-CEF has been working on putting world Arabic music in the top dancehall & r&b/hip-hop chart. Mixes feature North African Rai&Shaabi music mixed to New York r&b/hip-hop breaks, to the Lebanese Dabkka&mizmar mixed to Jamaican ragga/dance-hall riddim and more.

Optional: Screening backdrop.
One hour dj mix by U-CEF + visuals by ANTONIO PAGANO

U-CEF feat DJ DON KILLER, MC SWEETMAN spain tour 2000:

Photo by Mohammed Kamal, Fotokam - Gnawa Festival Essaouira 2005