The very best of North Africa

The Very Best Of North Africa features, on one great compilation, all the biggest sub-Saharan music artists - many of whom have crossed over to the world stage and regularly perform to sell out audiences around the world, from Paris to London to New York. These are not just North African music stars but world superstars! Best known artists of the genre including Khaled, Cheb Mami, Amr Diab, Rachid Taha, Souad Massi, Hakim, Sawt El Atlas, Faudel, Amina, Natacha Atlas, Ali Hasan Kuban, Oum Kalthoum, Orchestra National De Barbes and many others all feature on an album that is without doubt....

Halal tracks on this CD:


Release date: 25 july 2005
Label: Nascente